Other Sites

Listed below are additonal sites, among the artistic plateaus, that you may be interested in.

  • Acacia Antiques, 'Specializing in all things out of the ordinary'. Located in historic College Park, this is one of the most unique stores in the Orlando area, housing a varitety of hard-to-find items and curios.                                                                                                              
  • Dogfish Leathers, 'For your custom carved leather accessories'. Specializing in a large array of leather goods, themed of custom-made.                                                                                                    
  • Photography by Frank Styburski, 'Viewing Chicago through a different lens.' Frank's skill in capturing everyday life, that most of take for granted, is endlessly compelling and mesmerizing.                                                            
  • Gypsy Blue Trading Co., '... our caravan follows the cross of the gypsy trail. Bringing with it wondrous items for you.' Exceptional artisan jewelry, pewter items, clothing, and accessories. ​                                                                                                          
  • Retro Pickens , 'Carrying vintage clothing, mid century modern housewares, country primitive antiques, and retro art that sparks my imagination.' There's absolutely nowhere else you can go online for this large collection of retroactive items!                                                                                            
  • Sculptures by Matt Hill,  'Satirical figurative sculptures that deal with one character's personal battles with religion, depression, pride, and an underlying desire to be a better man.' A majority of Matt's sensational work exhibits a limitless and restless imagination. HIs additional wares are also very entertaining.